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How to use your Plastic Dispenser

Plastic Dispenser Instructions:
(Discontinued Product)

Also see: Instructions for Cardboard-Box Dispenser

Step 1
(1) Remove the first one or two labels from the roll.

Step 2
(2) Look for the arrow marking engraved on the round face of the dispener.

Step 3
(3) Thread the backing paper through the the two larger slits, in the direction of the arrow in Step #2.

Step 4
(4) Slide the label backing in the third feeder-slot (with the sharp-bend), while placing the roll into the dispenser.

Step 5
(5) Attach the cover of the dispenser as shown, lining up the notch.

Step 6
(6) Turn the dispenser around, and just pull the label backing to dispense the labels.